Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Olympus MJU - A Sweet Point & Shoot

This little beauty is one of my longest running film point & shoots.  The Olympus MJU was the first in a series of the line.  First produced in 1991.  In NA it was branded as the Stylus.  I got this one while living in Hong Kong, so there is no Stylus branding.  This camera got used for years.  I put it away a few years ago when the digital bug hit.  The camera got put back into service this year when I reactivated my film interest.  This guy was right there ready to go.  All I needed to do was replace the battery.  I used this camera A LOT.

There's nothing to set on this camera.  Just load the film, open the lens cover slide and press the shutter release.  This is a rangefinder camera with the view finder right over the lens.  There is limited / no parallax issue.  The lens is a super sharp Olympus lens at 35mm f/3.5.  Not the fastest lens in the world, but there is an automatic flash that goes off when needed.  Two buttons are available for self timer & for turning on/off the flash.  

The camera is small, a bit chunky but fits perfectly in your hand.  The lens cover slides open very easily with one hand.  Once open the lens pops out about 1/4 of an inch and you are ready to go.  That's it.

I've really enjoyed this camera and will post some photos when the roll currently in it is developed.

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