Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Decisions, Decisions, Which One Next

Normally I carry around a film camera in my briefcase or my car.  It's used for casual snapshots and street photography.  Next man up....which one to pick next?  Last night I opened a few of the boxes I store in my home office (I have a few more up on shelves), and made my decision.

The winner, a Ricoh FF-1s.  I'll load a roll of FujiFilm Fujicolor 100 that expired in 2010.  Not sure if it was cold stored, but I'm guessing it's still good.  It's part of a lot I purchased on eBay.

I've shot the Ricoh before.  It's a fun little rangefinder point & shoot. It is short & stout with a surprisingly nice f/2.8 35mm lens.  Here we go!