Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Fun With Polaroids - Scanning a Negative

A Positive Negative of Model Kiona Waters of LModelz Model Management
Sometimes you just have to have some fun.  "But, how do you have fun Steve?" Well, one way is to pay around with Polaroid cameras.  I almost always take one to a photoshoot and snap behind the scenes shots.  Film is still available through FujiFilm (for Pack cameras), FujiFilm for Instax cameras & The Impossible Project for Polaroid cameras.

Last weekend I used a Polaroid Colorpack III.  A plastic pack camera.  Here she is:

This photo was actually taken a couple of year ago by SF based street photographer Eric Kim.  This was my "street photography" camera of the day

It takes really nice / crisp images with FujiFilm FP-100c "peel apart" film.  It's "Professional". I mean that's what is says on the box, so it must be true.  For Sunday's model shoot I used a pack of B&W FP-3000B.  Unlike the color version of the film, the B&W version is no longer produced.  Therefore it's pricey.  I think I paid $21 for the pack.  Here it is:

And this is what the back of the peel apart looks like once you pull it from the camera, let it develop and peel off the photo.

The negatives that I used to throw away

Know what I see?  That's right, I see a negative.  For giggles, and that "fun" I mentioned above I decided to scan the backing into Adobe Photoshop and then "reversed" the image.  And - wait for it, a positive image appears as shown above.   Does this have a practical purpose...no, but who said all film photography had to have a practical purpose.  And just to think I used to throw the backing papers away...no more, no sir, no more.

Try it yourself, it's "fun"