Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Model Shoot Equals Polaroids

You might know I also shoot digital, and when I do it's fashion & beauty photography in studio.  What I normally do is whenever I do a model shoot I also play around with a pack or two of film in one of my Polaroid or FujiFilm cameras.  Here's a few shots from my photoshoot with model Eclipse Monday.  The nice thing is that they are instant (obviously) and most of people I shoot have never seen them.  It's a fun give-away at the end of a shoot.  I even have one of the Polaroids signed & hang it in the studio.

Here are some recent Polaroid's using a Polaroid 600 Silver Express & a Polaroid ColorPack III.  The ColorPack used a pack of Fujifilm FP-100C & The Polaroid a pack of Impossible Project 600 B&W.  Tons of fun to play around.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Film Recharge - Fujicolor 100

I've officially crossed the 100 film camera mark this summer.  It seems like anytime I go to Goodwill, a flea market or an antique store I come away with something...OK, I go there specifically to find old film cameras.  I just shoot them to see how they work.

This means I go through lots of film and sometimes I just want to take a few shots to see if the camera works.  To solve the problem I purchased online 10 packs of Fujicolor 100 in 12 Exposures.  Doesn't seem like a big thing compared to how people shoot digital, but 12 exposures is perfect to test a camera.  Unless I'm out specifically to shoot with film (i.e. a street photography walk) it can take 2-3 weeks to go through a 24 or 36 exposure pack.

This should help.  Here's my new purchase. 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Still Here, Just Been Busy

Wow, my last post was in February.  Nope didn't stop shooting film, it's just that I've been super busy on the digital / studio side of my photography life.  Something had to give, and what gave was my blogging.  I wasn't blogging on my digital blog either.

Anyway, like I said I'm still shooting film.  The other day I ran 3 rolls of FujiColor through a Canon A35F rangefinder, and a roll through a Canon Sure Shot Z180u.  Got to take those in for development soon.

Here's what I'm shooting now.  I picked up this sweet little Canon Sure Shot 80u.  Very attractive little camera.  I dig the brushed metal body.  Here she is.

I loaded it with a roll of FujiFilm FujiColor 400.  More on this camera later.

OK, let's hope I can get this blogging thing going again!