Saturday, August 29, 2015

Vivitar Ultra - So Sleek It's Fancy

It's been a month or so since I visited a Goodwill to look for film cameras.  Well this evening I decided to stop by a local Goodwill on my way home from the office.  I scored this cute little Vivitar Ultra for a sweet $0.99.  Also, there was a 3x24 box of Kodak color film for $0.25 so I scored that as well.  I loaded one roll into the Ultra and am ready to go.

There is absolutely nothing to this camera.  Just load & point & shoot.  No battery, nothing to adjust, and check it a 22mm lens, although it says f=22mm..strange.  Bottomline, EVERYTHING will be in focus. 

As always, just for giggles.

This Week in Photo - Street Focus - Episode 49 with Valerie Jardin

Sunning in Los Angeles - Canon AF35F with Kodak BW400CN

I had the honor of being street photographer Valerie Jardin's guest on her Street Focus podcast this week. I've known Valerie for about 3 years through social media & workshops. Even though I primarily do studio based editorial / commercial fashion and portrait work, readers of this blog know I also do street photography, primarily with a Sony A6000 and film cameras. We spent about 45 minutes talking about street photography, percent of usable photos, how to get into a street photography meet up group & an appropriate starting aperture for street photography.  

When I was on her workshops I've used multiple film cameras when I wasn't using digital.  Something about film is just right.

Being on the podcast was a blast.

Here's a link to the podcast and Valerie's links:  

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Street Photography - Various Film Cameras

OK, for fun I shoot street photography.  Most of this work is with film cameras.  Here are photos with various film cameras.

Canon A35F - In Los Angeles

Nikon FN - Plainfield, IN

Olympus MJU-1 - Indianapolis, IN

Olympus XA - Paris

Prinz Alternative - Plainfield, IN

Vivitar PZ3090 - Indianapolis

Yashica Mat124G - Cincinnati, OH

It's super fun to shoot street photography with film.  I forces you to slow down and think about your shot.