Sunday, October 5, 2014

Polaroid OneStep CloseUp

Instant photography is so cool.  Compliments of Fujifilm, The Impossible Project & of course hipsters, instant photography is making a big comeback.  The only problem is that it's kind of expensive.  Not only relative to digital, but just expensive.  

That aside, I have quite a few Polaroid cameras or all types that I've picked up all over.  Recently I broke out a Polaroid OneStep closeup.  I had planned to use it for behind the scenes shots during a recent studio model shoot, but ended up using an Instax.  So, I had gone ahead an loaded it up with a pack of The Impossible Project B&W 600.  I purchased it at Roberts Camera for $25 for 8 shots...yikes.

The OneStep is a very simple Polaroid, just like all are.  The feature with this camera is a slider for normal distance (4ft to infinity) and closer (2-4 feet).  When you slide the slider a plastic "macro" lens slides over the lens.  The only other function is the light / dark slider under the lens.  That's about it.  Load it with some film, point & shoot.  The built in flash will flash if needed.  There is no way to turn the flash off if it fires. 

This is a fun camera and with the Impossible Project film you can grab one from your grandparent's closet or at a flea market and you're good to go.  Enjoy REAL instant photography.

Here's a photo of Tammy the cat sitting outside on our deck.  Shot about 5 feet away with the light / dark slider in the middle.  The flash fired.

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