Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Polaroid Goodness Compliments of FujiFilm & The Impossible Project

I did a recent commercial fashion shoot for an Indianapolis fashion boutique called LuckyB Boutique.  Of course I used digital.  However, while doing the shoot I whipped out my Polaroids.  This time I used my newly purchased Polaroid Silver Express (600 film) and a Polaroid ColorPack III Land camera.  For the ColorPack I used a package of FujiFilm FP-1000C & a flashcube.  For the Silver Express I used a pack of The Impossible Project's 600 Color.

It is always fun, and my young models had never seen a ColorPack camera.  Fun

FujiFilm FP-1000C with a GE Flashcube against a white wall

The Impossible Project 600 Color during hair & makeup

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