Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Film Is Alive - Film Ferrania

The Italian film production company FILM Ferrania has been "resurrected".  Under the tag line of "100 More Years of Film" they kicked off a Kickstarter crowd funding to get the production up again (the production had been mothballed for several years).  

As you can tell by this blog I still shoot film, and have been aware that film has become niche to the more mainstream digital photography world.  Why, even I use film as a niche, since my main photography life is spent in digital.  However, I still work with film.  Unfortunately, while film is still fairly easy to get the number of types & brands are shrinking and the cost up.  We need more film producers, and FILM Ferrania had a plan to do just that.

I listened to a recent podcast by The Film Photography Project that discussed FILM Ferrania & their Kickstarter project.  The goal was to start production of several film types.  When the podcast was over I quickly pledged to the project.  I was uncertain if the project would get fully funded, but I was hopeful.  Today, I got an email that my credit card had been debited and then saw in my email that it had been MORE than funded.  Outstanding.

So there you go.  First it's The Impossible Project and now FILM Ferrania.  Even though film may be a niche, it's a fun niche and #Filmisalive

Congrats to FILM Ferrania & to the contributors to their campaign.  All film enthusiast are winners.

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