Saturday, October 4, 2014

Accessories Are Cool

Just like in my digital photography world, I buy accessories for my film camera photography.  Not as much of course, but I still by accessories.  One of the little annoyances with film photography is keeping your film together in your bag & in order.  Having a film case helps.  I bought a D sized battery holder for this purpose and they work fine, but it doesn't hold 120 film.  I shoot both.  Something better was needed.

I was recently watching a video blog post by Eric Kim, an excellent street photographer who I know & visited my studio once.   I follow his blog and podcasts.  He recently posted a video blog about a visit to Bellamy Hunt AKA, the Japan Camera Hunter in Tokyo.  I had heard of TJCH but had never investigated his website in detail. 

Following Eric's  video blog post I visited Bellamy's site and saw he sold both 120 film cases as well as 35mm film cases.   Well, I ordered one each.  Pricing was super reasonable as was the shipping to the USA from Japan.  The 35mm case holds 10 rolls & the 120 holds 5.  They come in a few colors too.  Delivery was quick, and since it really wasn't something I needed immediately a few days wait was no dramas.

They arrived today, and I've already loaded them up.  They will fit nicely in my camera bag, so I'm set.  Honestly, did I REALLY need the film cases...nope, but then I did it anyway.

Here you go

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