Sunday, January 1, 2017


I've enjoyed shooting film the past couple of years after years of digital only.  Adding to the enjoyment is I've started developing and scanning my film as well.  This provides more control over my workflow and cuts the cost.

Well, in 2017 I've decided to do a personal film photography project.  I'm regularly playing with a film camera so I thought I would do a 52 in 52 project.  I'm going to shoot a different film camera each week in 2017.  

I have well over 100 different point & shoot and SLR film cameras so I have LOTS to work with.  I'll combine the project with my street photography, studio work and general snapshots.  The goal is to try different film types as well.  This gives me an opportunity to try different cameras and then write about them. 

Let's see if I can do this consistently.  Should be fun.  By the way, here is what I have to select from.


  1. GAS is a pretty serious condition, the only cure I've seen is buying enough DOA cameras.

  2. I see a few of my cameras there. Hard to resist spending $3.00 in a thrift shop for a camera that back in the day - lusted after.