Sunday, January 15, 2017

Lomography pop9

It's 100% 35mm toy camera time.  Time to talk about this 9-eye'd brick of gold!  Yes, I'm talking about the Lomography pop9.  Want high quality, super sharp photos?  What lots of options? Want to be taken seriously when others see you shooting?  Well, you're not going to get it with the pop9.  The pop9 is just for fun.  You know, a toy camera.

What makes the pop9 unique is that it takes 9 small square photos on each frame.  It simply takes the image in your viewfinder and creates 9 small copies at once.  That's it.  

The pop9 is all manual.  The only feature is a manual flash that runs off a single AA battery.  There's a on / off switch on the top.  If you think you need the flash, turn it on.  It's not automatic.  The film rewind gear is on the bottom left of the camera (which seems backwards).  The film rewind knob is also on the bottom, on the bottom right.

Looking at the camera and when you open the back of the camera and you'll see how it works.  There are 9 separate lenses.  When you push the shutter release all 9 lenses fire.  When you look through the back you can see all 9 open if holding the camera up to a light.

I bought my Lomography pop9 last time I was in NYC in their NYC store.  I've wanted one for awhile, so I picked one up.  I loaded a roll of Fujicolor Superia 35mm film, and found the flash didn't work.  That somewhat limited what I shot because it was getting dark when I first used it.  I finished up the roll when I got home on a fairly bright day, and those were the only images that worked.

Bottomline, this is a pure fun camera.  Not practical for anything other than goofing around or possibly for a creative project.  But, you know what, I enjoyed it.  I'll probably see if I can get the flash to work and take it to the studio with me during a fashion shoot.  Might get some cool shots.  In the meantime, here a few shots from the first roll.

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  1. With the right scene (like the stop sign) - it does work.