Sunday, September 7, 2014

What I'm Reading - "Photojournalism"

Not only do I like to take photographs, I also like to read about photography.  I like to read about techniques, the history, photographers, the photographs themselves, etc.  It's just cool, and often I do more than simply look at the pretty pictures.

I often make a monthly or more trip over to the local Half Priced Books book store and see what they have in.  This weekend I stopped by and purchased "Photojournalism, 150 Years Of Outstanding Press Photography" by Reuel Golden.  The cover photo alone was enough to get me to purchase the book.  You see the 2 war photojournalist right in the middle of the action.

I'm not sure war photojournalist can do this anymore, but I digress.

I started to read the book and so far am intrigued by Rene Burri who took some of the iconic photos of Che Guevara, Margaret Bourke-White who was a controversial photojournalist who captured amazing images of Gandhi,  and of course Robert Cappa who's photos of D-Day were riveting.  Lots more to go.

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