Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Split-Cam - What I'm Shooting

Toy Camera fun-ness right here.  I'm currently shooting with the Split-Cam from Accoutrements who claim they are "outfitters of popular culture".  OK, if they say so.  

The fun part of this camera is that you take 2 images and "fuse" them together.  There is a black sliding curtain that blocks either the top or the bottom of the image.  You slide either the top or bottom slider, snap as shot, push a small switch that re-cocks the shutter but doesn't advance the film, reverse the curtain and take another shot.  You have to thin strip photos "fused" together....get it.

This beauty is all plastic, kind of cheap feeling and YELLOW.  Note it matches my bike riding gloves  as I took it with me during my long bike ride tonight.  

BTW, the instructions on the BS says, "The Split-Cam is not a precision instrument.  Be gentle...."  Got to love the honesty.  Stay tuned to this channel for more information.

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