Thursday, August 7, 2014

Prinz Alternative EZ-200 - What I'm Shooting Now

If you read my earlier post, I just finished shooting with a Kodak Easy Load film camera.  Need to take the film in for development to see how she works.  What next you ask?  I rummaged through my pile of film cameras and came up with this cheap point & shoot.  The Prinz Alternative EZ-200.

OK, I know nothing about this camera and haven't found much online in a quick search.  All I know is it's "Alternative".  Hmmm, it shoots "Standard" & "Panorama". It's living a bi-lifestyle. Cool, I don't judge.

You can tell this is a cheap camera because there is a weight added in the bottom to give it a more substantial feel.  However, it appears the weight has broken loose and now it's rattling around the base.  Another of my Goodwill finds.  More later.

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