Sunday, August 24, 2014

Success With Old Cameras - Film Is Back

I stopped over at Roberts Camera today and picked up some film that was processed.  This is the camera store where I normally taking in my film for processing.  This time I had film in from my Yashica Mat-124G (a TLR), a Kodak Easy Load KE30 point & shoot and a Prinz Alternative EZ-200 point & shoot.  I'll write a post on each.

In the meantime all the cameras appeared to work.  There were some moderate light leaks with the Prinz, but the film I'm using is expired and I suspect wasn't stored in a refrig, so there's that.  More than likely however it's the camera.  Here's a photo from each

The Yashica Mat-124G:

Downtown Indianapolis from the top of a parking garage

The Prinz Alternative EZ-200 (in the "panorama" mode - oh yes, it does panorama also):

Outside my studio
The Kodak Easy Load KE30 (the infamous film eater):

On a sad note, I learned Roberts will stop processing 120 film in the very near future.  That was the last place in Indianapolis to process 120 that I'm aware of.  Yes, that's correct, one of the largest cities in the USA and there is no 120 film processing readily available.  Oh well either I have to do it myself (I'd prefer not...been there done that) or send it out someplace.  We'll see.

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