Friday, July 4, 2014

Lustful Things - That's Right I'm Talking About Film

Welcome to my new blog.  As a bit of introduction to both this blog and me let me first say “I’m Steve, and I’m a photographer”.  I’m not a photographer by trade, but by passion.  I’m a finance executive in my day job, and have been involved with various finance roles & positions in my 30+ professional years both in the USA and around the world.   However, I consider myself a photographer first.  I’ve been around photography my entire life.  My father was a photographer, so I’m a photographer. 

My focus for the past few years is editorial fashion, model / portrait photography and the occasional street photography.  As you can imagine, I shoot digital.  Nikon full frame cameras are my weapons of choice.  All of my published and paid gigs are digital centric.

HOWEVER, I still shoot film.  Why? Honestly, I don’t know.  I started out shooting film…obviously.  As a matter of fact I still have my first film SLR.  It’s a Canon TX purchased probably 40 or so years ago.  That bad boy still works.  Before and after I’ve shot all types of film cameras and all types of formats & film brands from 35, 110, 126, 120, disc, instant Polaroid, Kodak, Ilford, Fuji, & many more.   I’ve shot all types of film cameras from Polaroid, Brownie, Yashica, Mamiya, Minolta, point & shoots, Fuji, etc. etc.

I guess I still shoot film because I enjoy it.  I have a lust for film & photography.

I’m not a film or digital photography snob.  I’m completely equal opportunity & bilingual.  I hate those in the community that say stupid things about the purity of film, the “spray & pray” nature of digital, the “get out of the stone age”, etc., etc.  Photography is photography.  Who cares how it’s created as long as you are capturing an event or moment in time.  Be it film or digital.

I will admit the workflow with film is more complex, costly and time consuming than digital.  You also do not get immediate feedback unless you shoot instant film.  However, I still shoot film.

OK, enough about me.  What about this blog you ask?  I have a separate blog and portfolio site for my model work at Steven Brokaw Photography.  You can check me out there.  I wanted to separate my film writing into a different channel because the tone & vibe of the blog will be different.  This blog will be about film.  It will cover whatever I want to discuss at the moment.  I'll do camera reviews, talk about experiences, hype my latest camera find, share thoughts on film, occasionally bitch about something, highlight another photographer or blog, talk about a shoot or a concept.  You get the idea, anything and everything concerning film.  I do not expect this blog to become a camera review site, nor will my discussions get too technical.   That’s not my bag.

So here we go.  Sit back and enjoy the ride together.  So with that, my I introduce my Film Photography Lust Project, FPL for short.

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