Sunday, July 27, 2014

A Photography Type Of Day

Yep, another weekend, another couple of days to work on photography.  Today, I did digital & film.    I'm bilingual.  On the digital front I processed a commercial gig I shot this past Monday.  Check my portfolo site if you want to see what I do when not playing with film.  

Anyway, I picked up 3 processed rolls today at Roberts Camera.  A roll from my Ultronic Panoramic, Time Rangefinder (which was my Dad's camera) & my all-black Yashica MG-1.  I'll write individual blog posts on each in the coming weeks.  I also dropped off 2 rolls - one for a Canon Sure Shot 85 Zoom & Ricoh FF-1s highlighted in my earlier post.

Finally, I picked up this really weird looking film camera, a Chinon Genesis at the Irvington Flea Market today.  At first I thought it was an older digital camera, but oh no its a film camera.  Seems to work OK.  Got it for a sweet $10.  

Definitely not like any other film camera I have.  Should be fun to read about it and shoot a roll through it.  However, it will have to wait it's turn...I have a long queue.

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