Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Shooting & Latest Finds

Canon TX, my original SLR

I bet you are wondering what film camera I'm shooting this week, right?  I knew you were.  Well, this week I've pulled out my "original" SLR the Canon TX.  I have a Canon f/3.5 35mm lens attached, but not sure what type of film is in it.  I loaded it about 6 months ago and can't remember what I film I used.  Oh well, when I do a post on the outcome, I'll let you know.

Also this week I acquired these to toy cameras.

Two Ebay specials that came in this week.  the Split Camera from Image Fusion Technology (I know I'm impressed too) & the Ultronic Panoramic.  Both drip toy camera-ish.  Should be fun to shoot a roll through each and let you know how they go.   OK, more later.

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