Friday, January 31, 2020

Canon Sure Shot M & Rollei Retro 400S

I really like point & shoot film cameras. They are simple and can be used in almost all situations.  I recently shot this cool Canon Sure Shot M Date. It's a very pocketable camera with all the features that you would normally expect. 

The Sure Shot M (also sold as "Autoboy F / Prima Mini) has a 32mm f/3.5 lens. This is a good lens for everyday use. The camera has a flash that can be turned on/off or set. There is a simple self timer. The shutter release button is rubberized and flush with the top. The camera is DX coded from 25 to 3200 ISO in full stops. If you use non DX film the exposure is set at 25 ISO. Auto shutter speed ranges from 2 seconds to 1/250.

I shot a roll of Rollei Retro 400S through the camera recently. I developed the film using Rodinal at a 1+25 ratio for 10.5 minutes. 

I like the results of both the film and the camera. Here are some examples from the roll.