Sunday, October 9, 2016

Another Try At Sprockets - My Thoughts on the Setup

My first go at shooting with sprockets on a Holga 120N was "quasi" successful.  It was a good test, but the quality was just OK.  Do I give up and hold my head low you ask?  Why no, lets give this another go.  Why you might ask?  Just like everything with my film's just for giggles.

OK, this time I've decided to use a Yashica 44.  I was given this camera by a friend and I've never shot it before.  The problem is that it uses 127 film.  Since I don't have any 127 film (medium format), I figured it would be a good candidate for SPROCKETS.  Right on.

OK, here's what I'm going to do based on a test I did tonight with some dead film.  It's probably more complicated than it's worth, but like I said above, it's just for fun.  Note, this is all going to be in a large black changing bag.  First, I'm going to open a cartridge of 35mm film & unwind it.  Next, I'll tape the film ends on both sides of a 127 spool (I bought one on eBay).  Next I'm going to roll one side onto the spool and while holding it in place put it in the camera and load the other spool in the receiver side.  Then I'll close it up.  Out of the bag I'm going to tape up all up to minimize light leaks.

OK, we'll see how this goes.  Once (if) done I'll let you know.

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