Monday, July 11, 2016

Buyer Beware

If you've followed this blog you'll know that I enjoy shooting with film as a goof.  So much so that I buy film cameras fairly regularly and run them through their paces.  Where you might ask?  Normally at my local camera store's used section (Roberts Camera), through eBay or at Goodwill.   Except for Roberts who stands by their used equipment buying film cameras elsewhere can be hit and miss.

This past week was more miss than hit.  I purchased 4 cameras through eBay.  The lot was

Lot of 4 x 35mm Cameras - NIKON N2000, Minolta XG1, N4004s AF, N4004

I've purchased cameras before online with no problems, even when they say they weren't tested.  No difference with this lot.  The seller indicated they weren't tested therefore sold "for parts" know, caveat emptor  type of sale.  I'm cool with that because including shipping the lot was less than $30.  I figured if one worked I would be like "HE SCORES".  If there were minor problems I figured I could fix them.

Alas, all 4 of these cameras were complete bricks.   I was really hoping I could get the Minolta going, and even tried some basic surgery.  No was DOA.

The Minolta's film advance lever was jammed (which you'd think the seller could have check and advised....anyway), and I couldn't get it unjammed.  The Nikon's probably had an electronic issue because no matter what I did I couldn't get them jump started.

Honestly, I'm not too troubled because the seller made it clear the cameras were untested, so I took a flier.  Oh well, better luck next time...or stick with Roberts.

Moral?  If you are buying film cameras that are untested you need to plan on a few dudes.  Go into it with that attitude and you will be okey-dokey....

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