Thursday, June 30, 2016

Kodak Pony

Several month ago I was in the Indianapolis Midland Antique Mall.  It's a fairly large antique collective that has some pretty pricey & nice antiques.  I've gone there a few time to look for vintage film cameras.  It's kind of hit and miss, and many times the cameras I find are overpriced.  

Well, during my last visit I found this Kodak Pony.  It's a cool rangefinder manual camera.  Very hipster.  $30 all-in including a flash gun (which by the way I have flashbulbs that work for this camera).  I checked it out and it looked clean.  Mechanics all seemed good.  A bit rough looking with natural wear & tear, but thats all cosmetic.

The camera comes with a 44mm f/3.5 Kodak Anastar Lens.  Aperture from f/3.5 to f/22.  The lens has 3 zone focus groups which makes it really easy to set.  The thing that's unique is that the back of the camera comes with a "guide" that has 5 graphic pictures / descriptions.  As an example it has a full sun, and says "BRT SUN SAND SNOW".  There are corresponding numbers under the icon.  As an example for full sun the number is 14 described as the exposure value.  

The way you set the exposure is to use the 2 dials on the lens barrel.  One is the Shutter Number (corresponding to B to 1/250).  The other dial is the Lens Opening Number (corresponding to f/3.5 to f/22).  Each has a series of numbers which corresponds to speed & aperture.  You simple move the numbers until they total the number under the icon.  Using the Full Sun icon you move the dials so the total of the 2 numbers equals 14.  You'd have to see it.  

Of course if you know exposures or use the Sunny 16, you can eyeball it.  This is how I often use manual cameras.  I know what apertures & speeds to use based on the ASA.   That's what you get when you use a light meter in studio and shoot film as a goof.

Anyway, I shot a roll of Kodak BW400CN around town.  It WORKS!

What's weird there's a cold shoe, but no PC port.  Not sure how you would fire an external flash.  That's where the flash gun comes into play, and I've tried works.

Fun camera.  Completely impractical, but you will get stares...especially if you use the flash.  I'll use it again.

Here are some photos

Enter Here in Plainfield

Capri Motel in Plainfield

Old Military Trucks for Sale

Double Exposures are Easy

Bike in Bloomington

Run Run in Bloomington

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