Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Hold Please! - Pentax ME Failure - Pilot Error?

This is why I use 12 exposure rolls of expired film to test new cameras versus a $10 roll of T-Max. My new Pentax ME (see earlier post) got used this week.  I loaded a roll of Fujifilm 100 and took it out.  Seemed to work A-OK, but at shot 13, 14, 15+ it was like oops, something is wrong.

I stopped my shooting a re-rolled the film and by feel immediately new that the film leader had not been properly been attached to the takeup reel.  After about 2 turns of the rewind handle the film went slack.  I opened the back and it was fully re-rolled.

The takeup real operates in a "backwards" manner (it doesn't move the direction of the advance handle) and I "thought" I loaded it correctly, but guess I didn't.  Oh well, it was a test roll anyway.  I'll reload it tonight and put a bit of extra care in my film loading.  If it still doesn't work then I break out the gaffer's tape.  No mere camera is going to defeat me!!!

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