Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Toy Camera Fun - The Coca Cola Camera

Lens cover shut - it's a good looking camera
Viewfinder is directly over the lens which is nice, but the flash has a manual on/off switch.
I found this fun toy camera at my local Goodwill.  Yes, I agree why would anyone throw this beauty away?  No problems I rescued it.  It has toy camera all over it with it's all plastic body & lens and no features.  Oh yes, it does have a manual flash.

I popped in a roll of expired (not cold stored) Kodak T-Max 400 and fired away.  I even took it to a camera club Christmas party.  I was the talk.  After about 12 shots the shutter release button stuck in the depressed position.  Couldn't advance the film.  No problems.  A good smack on the palm of my hand and the shutter release button unstuck.  I had to do this on the last 12 or so shots.  

Anyway, I made it through the roll, and face palm I opened the back of the camera without rewinding the film.  Film photographers know that stupid feeling.

I closed 'er up and rerolled the film.  I didn't want those last 3 photos anyway.  I was surprised in good light (remember I was only using 400 ASA film) the quality was as expected.  Kind of creamy as might be expected with it's fine Chinese manufacturing of the 90's and it's plastic lens.  Right up there with toy camera stardom.  It will however end up in my "used" box because I don't want to have to go around whacking my camera ever time I take a picture.  Some photos, and few of the ones that have open back light leakage.  Enjoy

Lomography would be proud - filter compliments of an open film back
Pretty colors
Dynamic range stinks
Christmas party at the studio, maybe I should have used my studio strobes
Expired 400 ASA film in a toy camera on an overcast day = sucky photo
Tree outside of the studio

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