Sunday, December 28, 2014

My Latest Camera Finds

Over the holidays I stopped at a Goodwill Outlet I had only been to once.  Not sure if I would find any film cameras, but I was wrong.  I scored big.  I found an Olympus Stylus Zoom 70 & a Nikon N8008.  

The Olympus is an advance point & shoot a bit bigger than my other Olympus Stylus cameras.  It's a bit scratched up, but looks good to go.  The Nikon was in surprisingly excellent shape.  I've never had an N8008 but have shot Nikon SLR's & DSLR's for a long, long time.  This one looks in excellent condition.  I simply changed out the batteries and put on one of my many Nikkor lenses and it looks good to go.  I'll give it a film check soon.

All in less than $2.  

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