Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Yashica Electro 35 GSN - A Cool Rangefinder

I tried out my Yashica Electro 35 GSN the other day with some Ilford Delta 400 35mm film. This camera has classic rangefinder lines. It's super solid & built like a brick. The camera has a 45mm f/1.7 lens. Perfect for street photography.

The camera is semi-manual. The variable is the aperture. Speed is automatic. You simply partially push the shutter button and there is a red or orange arrow in the viewfinder. You turn the aperture the direction of the arrow until the light turns off. If you are shooting on a tripod or from the hip there is a yellow and red light on top that does the same thing. The only option on speed is bulb, Auto & flash. 

The camera has a hot shoe if you desire a flash. Focus is like butter. There is a nice rest for your finger to aid in focus. ASA can be set from 25 to 1000. Also, there is a predominate battery check button on the back. Push it with a hot battery and the film counter window lights up!

The biggest issue with this camera is that you really need a battery. It fires without one but it goes to it's default settings. The battery is not standard. The Electro used a 5.6V mercury battery that has a unusual shape. A 6V 4LR44 works in a pinch. I was unable to find this battery at any store, so I bought a few off brand online. Seems to work fine.

 I really like this camera. The shutter is SUPER quiet which makes it excellent for street photography. The film advance is smooth and it loads easily. I'm a fan. Here are some photos from this past weekend.

Note, my Electro 35 GSN has a light leak that showed up at the end of the second roll. I gave it a good look and it appears some of the light seals have dried up and flaked off. No problems ... I'll seal the back with gaffers tape in the future.

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