Saturday, November 28, 2015

Nikon MD-11 DOA

My dad was an avid photographer.  One of the last film SLR's he had was a Nikon FM.  A compact, but rugged SLR.  After he passed away, my sister gave me a box of camera equipment she was holding.  In it was all sorts of camera / darkroom equipment.  One item included was a Nikon MD-11 power winder.  

Cool, it was an exact match to my dad's Nikon FM which I had been given earlier.  I was excited to give it a try because I've never had a power winder on any of my Nikons.  It mounted perfectly.  I loaded it with 8 batteries, but alas it doesn't work.  All the terminals are clean & the batteries are new, so I suspect there is something wrong with the internals.

Anyway it looked cool on the camera.  Not to worry the camera still works fine without it.

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