Thursday, January 29, 2015

Photos I've Taken - Vivitar PZ3090

Ooopsie, I've been super busy with my digital photography side of things, so I've not had a chance to work much on film.  I picked up a couple of rolls today, so I thought I better get back to my blog.  Here goes.  

I purchased a Vivitar PZ3090 point & shoot from Goodwill, and kind of like it.  Compact, easy to use and packing a 38-90mm lens.  Really good range for a point & shoot.  It was clean.  It also packs a flash which is very useful for indoor settings.  I loaded it up with a new battery and plopped in a roll of Ilford XP2 400 B&W film. 

The camera was very responsive, and easy to use.  Just what you need in a point and shoot.  Here's a shot of the Indiana World War Memorial monument in downtown Indianapolis on an overcast day.

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