Thursday, April 5, 2018

Minolta 3000i a Super Simple SLR

I recently purchased a Minolta Maxxum 3000i body from Used Photo Pro in Indianapolis. I was looking for a very simple SLR & this is it. I mounted it with a Minolta AF 50mm lens which is my preferred focal length for street photography.

The Minolta 3000i is essentially a point & shoot in an SLR body. There is only a Lock/On switch, shutter release, P/H (program / program hi-speed), self-timer button, & a focus mode switch. That’s it.  P (automatic) mode only. The high-speed mode is simply when you photograph fast moving objects. The camera uses DX coded film. ISO range from 32 to 3200. ISO is set at 100 when using film without DX coding.

I’ve used the camera a few times and it’s efficient. Just point & shoot. Like I said, nothing to it. Personally, I like more control (i.e. aperture priority, manual mode, ability to push film, etc.) on a camera. I would use it when I just want to run & gun. It’s a really nice starter camera for someone who is just getting into film.

Here are a few photos using Fomapan Action 400

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  1. I have a Maxxum 5, which is actually fairly advanced. But I call it my nicest lomo camera because that AF glass isn't anything special compared to manual legacy lenses.