Saturday, April 16, 2016

It's an Instant 'Thang - Polariod One Step Flash

I dig instant photography, as you might expect if you've read any of this blog.  I like the immediate feedback and the ability to hold the finished product in your hand.  I primarily use them in my studio for behind the scenes shots during model or fashion shoots.

Recently I pulled out of my stash this Polaroid One Step Flash.  Pretty simple.  Like most 600 styled Polaroids it's simply point and shoot.  The only option is the light / dark slider which I always tend to keep in the middle.  I loaded this with a pack of Impossible Project Color 600 film, and used it during a shoot with model Kat Scott.

A few of the images taken against a black backdrop

One thing I do because I generally have 2-3 Polaroids loaded at the same time with different films, I write what I have in the camera just in-case I forget.  I know, very OCD-like.

Alas, my last shot of the pack got jammed in the camera, but magically popped out after I gave the camera a reasonable smack.  Uh, this doesn't look like my model

OK, does this have any practical value, nope, but it's fun.

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