Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Join The Discussion

It's probably obvious by this blog I still enjoy film photography.  What you might have also guessed is I enjoy reading about & studying film photography / cameras.  So, if you have a film-centric website or blog let me know.  Either post down below or send me an email through the contact app on the front page of this blog. If I think others might like to visit your site or I want to stay up with it, I'll cross post a link to your URL on the sidebar of this blog. Lets start a conversation, so bring it!

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  1. Hi Steve, looking through you blog and finding it great reading. I also post a mainly film(there is the odd digital post) buying cameras at flea markets, car boot sales, junk shops and Ebay then using them on photoshoots. If you want to have a look, I'm over at